Dans le cadre du précieux travail effectué par SANI pour aider #FeedHerFuture, des dizaines de bénévoles ont collaboré étroitement avec les communautés de CARE entre 2016 et 2020. Les volontaires étaient sur le terrain, apportant un soutien pratique aux partenaires et aux communautés locales. Ici, vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur quelques-uns des volontaires de SANI et voir de vos propres yeux l'impact qu'ils ont eu au Malawi, au Mozambique et en Zambie.

Nos affectations de volontaires au Malawi, au Mozambique et en Zambie ont été rendues possibles grâce à un partenariat avec Cuso International. Cuso International est une agence de développement qui travaille avec des volontaires qualifiés et des collaborateurs pour aider les gens et les communautés dans lesquelles ils résident à devenir plus autonomes et plus résilients. Bien que les stages de bénévolat de SANI soient maintenant terminés, nous encourageons les personnes intéressées par le bénévolat international à en apprendre davantage sur Cuso International et à explorer la variété des possibilités de bénévolat qu'elle offre dans le monde entier, à l'adresse suivante : www.cusointernational.org.

Rencontrez quelques volontaires en mission actuellement.

Rencontrez quelques volontaires en mission actuellement.

Césarée Morier-Gxoyiya

I believe sustainable agriculture is key to solving to today’s health and environment challenges. I am a Cuso International volunteer working as a Horticulture Advisor in Zambia, after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Agro-Environmental Sciences, where I specialized in Ecological Agriculture and Global Food Security. Before going to Zambia, I worked on an organic farm, where I used companion planting, crop rotations and biological pest control methods to grow a diversity of vegetables. In my current role, I build upon my farming experience to support the local CARE Zambia team to develop interactive workshops and share best management practices with small-scale farmers. Our goal is to enhance food security by promoting the production of nutritious vegetables and fruits in kitchen gardens.

Lynn Thorsell

After 30 years in the public sector, consulting, and non-profit organizations, I'm thrilled to be volunteering with Cuso International and CARE Canada in Malawi. As an Organization Development Advisor and certified Coach, I conduct action-research projects, facilitate team development activities, and coach senior leaders, to strengthen their capacity to achieve SANI's objectives. The focus of my work is the Civil Society Organization Nutrition Alliance (CSONA), an alliance of civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations that advocates for improved nutrition for Malawi's poorest citizens. I feel great satisfaction in seeing the increased confidence, clarity, and connection leaders and teams have, as a result of the work we've done together.

Tegan Holmes

I am currently working as a Cuso International volunteer with CARE International in Zambia. As a Communications Advisor for the Southern African Nutrition Initiative (SANI), my role involves sharing important stories and project updates across social media platforms both for CARE Zambia and with Feed Her Future back in Canada. These stories include explaining important topics like Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), agriculture, nutrition, and governance, with gender being the theme that cross-cuts them all. As documentation is such an important part of my placement, I tend to spend a lot of time behind the camera rather than in front of it. In fact, lots of the recent images of SANI in Zambia that you may have seen on the Feed Her Future social media channels are from me.

Stories by our volunteers

Stories by our Volunteers

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Videos by our Volunteers