Voices from the Field: "Gender boxing" in Mozambique, Oy yay! (En Anglais Seulement)

March 2019 | Written by Sabrina Neto, Cuso International Volunteer, Mozambique
On January 30th, members from all communities in the Mavume locality, Funhalouro district came together in the early hours of the morning at the request of their Leader. On this day, they would prepare the school yard at the newly constructed secondary school and attend a dialogue facilitated by CARE and Mahlalhe, a local partner organization...

Voices from the Field: Changing gender norms in Zambia (en anglais seulement)

February 2019 | Written by Tanja Kisslinger, Public Engagement Officer, CARE Canada
It had been an incredible day... We spent hours in the sweltering Zambian sun gathering video footage and photos in a very rural and remote village called Chobela. I had traveled there to document the ongoing implementation and progress of CARE Canada's Southern African Nutrition Initiative (SANI). This particular day in Chobela was both educational and inspiring, and there was much evidence of dedicated work in several SANI activity areas

Voices from the Field: Father-to-father groups in Mozambique (en anglais seulement)

February 2019 | Written by Sabrina Neto, Cuso International Volunteer, Mozambique
The Southern African Nutrition Initiative (SANI) in Malawi,  Mozambique, and Zambia uses a variety of techniques to help disseminate essential information about the health and nutrition of women and children. A key strategy is peer support groups, whereby women and men have the opportunity to gather, discuss and learn on various topics, ranging from nutrition to gender norms…

Voices from the Field: Promoting Safe Water & Hygiene in Malawi (en anglais seulement)

Novembre 2018 | Par Amanda Gawne, Bénévole Cuso International, Malawi
When water, particularly clean water, is scare, it has far-reaching impacts on health and wellbeing. The slightest bit of contamination can have debilitating consequences on families and communities, resulting in days of missed work and school. In places where clean water does not flow through the simple turn of the tap, the work of collecting safe water becomes a focal point of a days work...

Voices From the Field: Women Transforming the Community (en anglais seulement)

Août 2018 | Par Celia Bartolomeu, SANI Gender Officer, CARE Mozambique
As a Gender Officer working on the Southern Africa Nutrition Initiative (SANI) in Mozambique, Celia Bartolomeu is always assessing the project to find evidence that it is having a positive impact on the local communities. Here, she shares an interview with a remarkable women’s group, called “TIANE”, in Benhane community...

Voices From the Field: Field Farmer Schools in Mozambique (en anglais seulement)

Juin 2018 | Par Katie Kendall, Bénévole Cuso International, Mozambique
In Mozambique, the South African Nutrition Initiative aims to address malnutrition in women of reproductive age and children under 5 years. In tandem with elevating nutrition awareness and fortifying community-level health support, CARE Mozambique staff and implementing project partners are working with smallholder farmers to improve agricultural techniques that increase yields, improve time and energy efficiencies, and ultimately help diversify the diets of men, women and children in surrounding communities...

Voices From the Field: Exploring Gender Dynamics in Malawi (en anglais seulement)

Mai 2018 | Par Ziana Ahmed, Bénévole Cuso International, Malawi
As a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor working on the Southern Africa Nutrition Initiative (SANI) in Malawi, I am always eager to see evidence that the project is improving the nutritional status of women and children under five in the Dowa and Ntchisi districts of Malawi. Much of my work actually involves designing and implementing systems to monitor program progress and evaluate impact. During this process, I have come to understand all the complex factors that affect project performance. One of the most interesting factors is gender...

Tanja Kisslinger / CARE
Under the Mango Tree: My Visit to Mozambique and Zambia (en anglais seulement)

Avril 2018 | Par Tanja Kisslinger, Agente de mobilisation publique et transmisssion des connaissancesCARE Canada
Sitting under a mango tree in a small, rural community in Mozambique this past November, I began to truly appreciate the meaning of lasting change… I had traveled to Mozambique and Zambia to report on CARE’s Southern African Nutrition Initiative (SANI), which aims to provide women, families, and health providers with the tools they need to end malnutrition in children under five and in women of reproductive age...