About Feed Her Future

CARE’s gender transformative nutrition programming is an important example of Canadian aid projects that put women and girls first.

Feed Her Future is a campaign dedicated to building public awareness of the importance and benefits of giving women and girls access to proper nutrition, through the lens and learning of CARE’s Southern African Nutrition Initiative (SANI). SANI is a $24.6 million CAD project funded by the Government of Canada and CARE that was launched in March 2016. SANI is being delivered in partnership between CARE Canada, Cuso International, the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (ICAD), McGill University, and the Governments of implementing countries.

Why HER right to food?

Inequality between men and women, the powerful and the marginalized, those who can access resources and those who cannot, determines who eats first, who eats last, whose right to food is protected, and whose right to food is discriminated. It is one of the key barriers to women exercising their right to food.

That’s why CARE places particular focus on working alongside women and girls.

Given the proper resources, women and girls have the power to help families and communities. We have seen first-hand that providing health and nutrition education creates healthier individuals and stronger communities.

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How many people will be reached?

CARE aims to reach over 575,000 beneficiaries by working with women, men, healthcare providers and community volunteers in each of these countries to foster a sustainable environment where women and girls can become champions of their own futures.

This is the foundation of our gender transformative nutrition programming – we take a human rights approach to women and girls’ right to food.

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